Tulane Rebuilding Hurricane fund

When you see the power of this storm you realize that there was nothing possible to keep the city safe. NOLA is still suffering.

My mission is to raise money for Tulane University by getting pledges for my marathon run. I am running the Freescale Marthon in Austin on February 19th, 2006. The university lost $100 million. The lives of the students have changed forever as has the life of the university. check out the links for some amazing stories and pictures. Mardi Gras is on the 28th. The party is already going on.... but let's not forget that even though New Orleans is the city that care forgot, that we do not forget so easily. Help me help to rebuild at least one part of this great city. A dollar a mile is all I ask. Thank you.

Freescale Marthon, February 19, 2006
26.2 miles. I'll give my best if you can give a dollar a mile.

P.B.Rosen, MD, MPH
School of Public Health, 1992